Fiber Products Details

Hitec Bangladesh made differents fiber products such as Fish Tank, Basket, Dools, Transferrent sheet, Roof Sheet etc. Organic Fiber Product Organic Fiber is nothing but, fiber that are grown without using any toxic products and it should qualify for organic certification by a accredited certification company. Consuming organic products in our life, is great way to live healthy and eco-friendly. Most common organic Fiber Products are, Organic Cotton, Organic Hemp, Organic Wool, Organic Bamboo, Organic kapok, Organic BuckWheat and Millet Hulls, Organic Silk etc.In-Organic Fiber In-Organic Fiber products are composed by inorganic chemicals, based on minerals like silicon, boron etc. and elements like Carbon. When these product treated in high temperatures, they turned into Fiber Products.Most Common In-Organic Fiber products are carbon fiber, fiber glass, mineral fibers, cellulose fibers, polymer fiber, metallic fibers, micro fibers etc.