Fire Hydrant Pump Details

  • Fire Hydrant Systems
  • Fire is destructive and the smoke from a fire creates a toxic, dangerous atmosphere. The rapid protection of fire and its control can save several thousand live, thousands of injuries, and valuable property loss each year. Fire protection system is one of the major steps in fire safety issue.
  • Hi-Tec Bangladesh has vast experience in the area of Fire Detection Systems in Bangladesh especially in Garment Factory & Commercial Sector. We have worked in Garments factories and commercial buildings and successfully installed Fire Protection systems. Fire Protection system can not only save lives, it can reduce damage to your property.
  • Fire Protection systems contains Fire Pump, Accessories, Stand pipe, Sprinkler system, Evacuation Accessories, suppression system, Fire door and Door Hardware.
  • Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler Systems Never underestimate a fire, but with proper precautions in place your commercial property can drastically minimize the property damage an unexpected blaze can bring. You need two important things on your side Quick response time and powerful firefighting equipment that’s easily accessible on the premises a fire hydrant is now a day’s mandatory for any premises.
  • ,Fire Hydrants are installed within the building to enable firefighters to connect their hoses to a water supply to fight fires. Automatic sprinkler systems are considered to be the most effective and economical way to apply water from fixed systems. It is designed to act upon a fire at a pre-determined temperature by means of a water spray. The design of a sprinkler system is determined by the hazard classification of the building occupancy.
  • Advantage of Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler system:
  • Hydrant Systems are strong with a long life and used from medium to large sized fires. • Sprinkler Systems are low maintenance, does not leak water & 24 hour active system that does not require your help • Sprinkler System is a very effective method to suppress fire. ,The pump shall have a capacity to handle US GPM of water against a head of 80 meter of water. Pump shall be operated on pressure signal from pressure switch. Checking, carrying and Installation of motor driven fire pump shall be as per drawing and direction and recommendation of manufacturer. Suction and delivery connection to the pumps shall be with proper size of adapter. Water, electrical and control wiring shall be done as per recommendation and drawing.
Brand Capacity Capacity Capacity Capacity Capacity Capacity
150 GPM 250 GPM 350 GPM 500 GPM 750 GPM 1000 GPM

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