Cooling Tower Details

Brand new cooling tower parts such as film fills, cooling fan, motor, drift eliminators, splash fills, sprinkler head, gear reducer, FRP blades, air stack etc for new and used cooling tower.The square type counter flow cooling towers are mainly used in gas industry, air conditioning system. Here we mainly introduce the technical data, structure and foundation of the counter flow square type cooling tower NSH-250. For different working condition, please contact us for correct solution. Item Type Counter flow square type Low noise type Model-NSH-250-SA, Water flow-200 m3/h, Inlet / outlet temperature-37C/ 32C, ΔT=5C, Dry / Wet bulb temperature-31.5C/ 28C, Cooling capacity-1,250,000 kcal/h, Noise value-60.0 dB(A), 2.5 M distance, Power supply-380V/3Ph/50Hz, Water quality-PH=6-8, Design data, Air/water ratio-0.68 kg/kg, Water resistance-36 kPa, Blanching loss-≤0.005%, Evaporating loss-≤0.833 %, Net weight-2150 kg, Running weight-4250 kg, Fan data- Fan type-Axial-flow- Air flow-150,000m3/h, Static pressure-5 Pa, Fan rotate speed-350 r/min, Diameter(F)-2,400 mm, Blade quantity-4 pcs/set, Motor power-7.5 kw, Type of drive-Belt driven, Motor starting method-Direct, Dimension-L × W × H-3,500×3,500×4,770 mm,Inlet pipe dimension (DN)-200 mm, Outlet pipe dimension (DN)-200 mm, Full/drain pipe dimension (DN)-80 mm/80 mm,Automatic/manual feed water- pipe dimension (DN)-40 mm/40 mm, Material- Motor-TEFC, Fan-Alloy aluminum, Casing, air inlet louver-F.R.P,Fan stack-Water basin, suction tank, infill-P.V.C, Fire-resistance type-Sprinkler system, PVC/Galvanized steel & A.B.S,Framework, Motor support, Hot Dip Galvanized Steel,Britain BS EN ISO-1461:1999, Standard