Lighting Protection System Details

Furse provides world leading Earthing, Lightning and Electronic Systems Protection from our own designed and products through to risk assessment and systems design advice. Our renowned Furse range of Earthing & Lightning Protection design services provide a unique total solution. Compliance, now & in the future Furse designs comply with all recognised standards - national and international. Our engineers actively contribute to national and harmonised European / international standards, ensuring we remain at the forefront of new developments. – BS EN/IEC 62305 Protection against lightning – NFPA 780 Standard for the installation of lightning protection systems – IEEE Std 80:2000 IEEE Guide for safety in AC substation grounding – ENA TS 41-24 Guidelines for the design, installation, testing & maintenance of main earthing systems in substations – BS EN 50522:2010 - Earthing of power installations exceeding 1.k Vac g 1.k Vac – SS 555.


1. Air rod 2. Air rod Base 3. Multiple point 4. Copper Tripe 5. D.C Clip
6. Square Clamp 7. Strike Pad 8. Adhesive D.C Clip 9. EWP Bond 10. Bl Metalic Connector
11. Junction Clamp 12. Cross Junction Clamp 13. Earth point welded 14. Tape clip 15. Rod to tape clamp
16. Earth rod 17. Coupling 18. Inspection pit 19. Solid Copper Earth Plate 20. Copper tape earth mat
21. Earth dsconnecting link 22. Flexible Copper band 23. SAE Conduct 24. Thermo Weld Connection 25. Aluminium Tape
26. Junction Box

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